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Section 8

Back to Reality

Well, that was a TRIP! And we know that IRL, you’re just getting started.

We hope this guide will be an ongoing source of support, knowledge, and resources that makes your journey a little smoother - like a reliable GPS. Bookmark us, come back to visit, and share what you've learned. Caregiving doesn’t have to be a crisis when there’s so much learning, growth, and joy to be found. Let's change the narrative together, one empowered care partner at a time.


You are enough.
You are appreciated.
You are the most super of heroes out there.

Journal Prompts

What about this trip am I most thankful for?

Did I shy away from any particular topic? Why? How can I prepare to try again?

What did I learn that could benefit me/my person? What actions am I inspired to take as a result of this trip?

What am I still lacking clarity on?

Did this trip teach me anything about what I want for my future? How can I act on those wishes?

What is one new habit I can incorporate to improve my well-being/that of my person?

What did you think of this guide? We’d love your feedback.



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