Carlos Olivas

October 20, 2020
Carlos Olivas

I am a family man with a zest for color, creativity, music, good vibes and the abundance of life.

In 2016 my life changed forever. I quit my career, packed my home in Ventura, CA and moved north 400 miles to Sacramento. I returned to my childhood home to become the primary caregiver for my Dad. He is living with Geriatric Alzheimer’s Dementia.

He served in US Navy as a submariner during the Vietnam War and the Cuban missile crisis. As a family man, he made many sacrifices to provide for his family and set an example in his role as husband and father. He has traveled the world and enjoyed his life to the fullest. We reminisce about my mom, his wife of 41 years, who lost the battle from breast cancer.He has been a very creative individual ever since kindergarten. He is a busy body who always has a creative project in the works. He draws every day despite his diminishing mind.We go on walks around the neighborhood if weather permits.

Lately, my dad and I have been taking bicycle rides on a newly acquired tandem bicycle for exercise.

Long car rides through the rolling hills provide comfort and relaxation while listening to music.

I enjoy listening to his stories from his youth as a child growing up in small towns above Sacramento. Connecting to his time in the Navy out under the waters of the pacific ocean, his crazy stories from time spent in Pearl Harbor, singing in the Navy choir while stationed in San Diego, and sailing up the river in a submarine to meet President Diem and Madam Nhu in the city once known as Saigon.

We talk about creative things like architecture, art projects, and colors of life.

I am in the process of establishing a catalog of his artwork that spans his lifetime. Creating a legacy of his creative works of art.

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