Head to Head 2021

Head to Head 2021

A wacky, star-studded game show streamed live and hosted by Seth Rogen.

Head to Head 2021

HFC's second live-streamed game show, Head to Head, was a blast!

Joined by an all-star roster of Team Captains, host Seth Rogen created an evening of hilarity with "just the right balance of purpose and insanity."

"Laughter is therapeutic and good for your brain, and we're not just saying that because we're comedians. We host these comedy-driven events to bring levity and hope to affected families, shed light on Alzheimer's disease, and spread joy - because humor can be healing." - Seth Rogen

Head to Head Impact


viewers tuned in for laughs, education, and awareness-building.


raised to support family caregivers, brain health education, and prevention research.

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